Einkasýning Renate Feizaka opnar fimmtudaginn 7. nóvember kl. 17:00 – 19:00 í Huldulandi, Laugarnesvegi 91. Sýningin er í röð einkasýninga nemenda á 3. ári í myndlist.

Traces of Red
Traces of Red is a fictional story of somebody else´s consciousness. Not in the mind of somebody in particular but more, like ´a collage of inherited stories, movies and pictures. The work explores the visual heritage of a time-space before my consciousness was formed, before I was born – an inherited parental and societal memory. I am exploring the fictional reality of a Soviet archetype of a person, collecting visual and verbal traces of a past that I was never physically part of.  In this way I was able to pixel together an idea of the past and a feeling associated with it. With time the emotional strain fades away, and what is left is a healthy need to understand. Experiences and facts are passed through the generations. They become fictions based on someone else´s transplanted memories.
The work deals with the importance of processing our feelings even if they are in part transplanted. Through building a collective memory we connect, find common ground in order to move forward and have more clarity regarding our future. Even though our clarity comes from an understanding of something that we have never experienced.
I would like to welcome the viewer to walk into this space, filtered through distorted ideas about facts and reality. Where dreams blur with memories, and a semi- fictional past is re-created.

Á tímabilinu 4. október - 29. nóvember stendur yfir röð einkasýninga nemenda á 3. ári í myndlist, alls 24 sýningar.

Á hverjum fimmtudegi frá 3. október - 21. nóvember opna í senn þrjár einkasýningar á mismunandi sýningarstöðum í Listaháskólanum í Laugarnesi; í Kubbnum á 2. hæð, í Naflanum sem er inni í miðju skólans á 1. hæð og í Huldulandi sem staðsett er norðanmegin á 1. hæð. Opnanir eru frá kl. 17 - 19 á fimmtudögum.

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