The Potato Prize

Artist: Martina Priehodová, 2nd year MA Fine Art student
Location: RÝMD, Völvufell 13-21, 111 Reykjavík
Opening: March 2nd 2024, 17:00 - 19:00
Also open: Sunday 03/03/24 14:00-16:00, Monday 04/03/24 14:00-16:00, finissage: Sunday 10/03/24 14:00-16:00
Ladies and spuds,
Amid this unexpected glory, I gratefully accept the Potato Prize, a celebration of partaking in the wonderfully chaotic journey we call life. The Potato Prize, an underappreciated token of perseverance and labour, carries the name of one of the most versatile vegetables, potatoes.
Affirming the daily struggle, perhaps even choice, to wake up and work to sustain, the Potato Prize highlights the underwhelming fruits of our labour. Every day, I dig, mash and chew through my potato-filled adventures.
My heartfelt thanks extend to my parents, the unwavering pillars of support. Thank you for teaching me the intricacies of potato labour and for training my hands to toil the soil of our rich fields and gardens. Thank you for the unfillable expectations of walking in your footsteps that come with celebrating life's victories.
Last but not least, to my fellow participants in the grand game of existence, let us acknowledge that potatoes play a grounding role in our lives. May they always keep us rooted in joy!
Martina Priehodová (b.1999, Slovakia) is a multimedia artist based in Iceland. In her practice, Martina is busy rhizomatically exploring topics related to becoming, intimate ecologies, embodiment, identity and personal ethics. She approaches these topics and resonant questions with food and clay at hand. Martina has completed her BA degree at Minerva Art Academy, Groningen, Netherlands in the summer of 2022. She is currently finishing her MFA at the Iceland University of the Arts.