Upplýsingar um umsóknar- og inntökuferli á alþjóðlegum meistaranámsbrautum eru eingöngu á ensku.

Application Process

IAA employs a standard electronic application form.
The application process is in two steps; in the first step applicants fill out the application form, pay the application fee and submit the application.
In the second step, applicants receive confirmation that IAA has received the application. It is necessary to include a passport photo with the application.
Please note: It is possible to save the application while working on it. It is necessary to include a passport photo with the electronic form.
The application fee is 5000 ISK. Please note: It is possible to save the application while working on it.

The Application

An application is not valid until the applicant has submitted the application and paid the application fee. Applicants must submit the following documents:        
1. Certified copy of degree certificate(s) and programme / course transcript(s) (PDF)
Applicants should submit a detailed record of higher education up to the present, including programmes of study taken and grades achieved. This may be submitted in Icelandic or English.
2. Reference from one referee (PDF)
Applicants must submit one reference. The reference should not exceed one page. The reference can be submitted in Icelandic or English. Former students of the IAA don’t have to submit a reference.
Applicants add the referee (name and email) in the application form. When applicants have submitted the application, the referee will receive an email from the IAA asking him/her to submit a reference for the applicant.
Applicants will receive a confirmation when the referee has submitted the reference.
3. Letter of Motivation (PDF)
The Letter of Motivation should be written in English.
4. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
Applicants must submit a CV of relevant education and professional experience, language proficiency and general information about the applicant. The CV should be written in English.
5. Portfolio of works (PDF/URL)
Portfolio of 5 scores with or without audio files are required for applicants in instrumental composition.
Applicants in electronic composition and sound art must submit 5 works.
Applicants for interdisciplinary studies (composing for film, theater etc.) must submit 5 original works.

Admission Process

An admission committee assesses applications on the grounds of assessment of the submitted material, the applicant’s motivation and aim with the studying at the IAA and the interview(s) with the applicant.

Admission Requirements

Applicants will have completed a BA degree in composition or related fields of art and musical theory.
Those applicants that do not have a BA degree in composition can be admitted to the programme provided that they demonstrate a knowledge and technical ability of musical composition.

Language Requirements

The Master Programme of Composition is an international programme conducted in English.
Students must be proficient in spoken and written English in the academic context. If there is doubt concerning language skills, applicants may be required to submit evidence of English proficiency.






Opening of applications: November 22nd, 2017

Deadline January 22nd 2018

Interviews February 20.-21nd

2018 First intake confirmed March 9th 2018



Opening of applications: November 22nd, 2017

Deadline April 30 th 2018

Interviews May 9.-11 th 2018

First intake confirmed May 20 th 2018



Elín Anna Ísaksdóttir, project manager



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