Students on the third year in product design would like to invite you to their exhibition Spori: Flateyri & the Icelandic sheep dog. 

The show will be open 19th of December from 14 - 21 at Laugavegur 51.
Due to covid-19 restrictions only 10 people can attend the exhibition at a time so please reserve a time slot for when you wish to attend this exhibition.Click here to sign up. 

About the exhibition:
Wouldn’t it be valuable if search and rescue dogs were trained and housed in Flateyri and ready for dispatch if another avalanche hit? 
When an avalanche occurs, dogs play a vital role in the search and rescue efforts of missing people. Dogs tend to be one of the first respondents and they decide where it is best to dig. 
This exhibition touches on this subject and explores the multiple possibilities that the Icelandic sheepdog has to offer. 
Here is the event on Facebook:


Looking forward to seeing you!