Strategic collaboration between IUA and universities abroad contributes to educational and research development in an international dialogue. IUA places emphasis on close collaboration across a broad spectrum of disciplines with specific universities. This entails participation in educational development projects, international research projects, teacher exchanges, diverse student exchange options, dialogue about quality enhancement and sharing experiences on administrative procedures.  

Current Erasmus+ Projects

Project Title: Plastic Justic: a new dimension in art and design education
Beneficiary: Iceland University of the Arts
Grant: €197.644 for 24 months
The project’s objectives are to develop educational practices by creating teaching tools and materials to promote environmental knowledge and consciousness; to create a collaborative learning network by bringing together design teachers with experts, activists, professionals and policy makers for joint knowledge exchange and discussion; to communicate complex issues to a broader audience through design thinking and visualization; and to influence policy on the topic of micro-plastics and their effect on health.
Project title: Alexandria Nova
Beneficiary: Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin
Grant: €330.248 for 36 months
Alexandria Nova is a network of North European directing programmes. It aims to create a international and diverse learning environment for the relatively small directing programs of each national institution and make a leap forward in the awareness about pedagogical methods used. In the project participants will share practical and pedagogical knowledge, describe and share working methods and gather together understanding about the art of directing. This work will lead to the building of the Alexandria Nova Digital Library which will include theoretical texts used in teaching, theses work in doctoral and MA -level, recorded lectures, exercises and documentation of students artistic learning processes. By gathering this knowledge in one place and examining it we will be able to recognise and name the most important pedagogical methods used in the Alexandria Nova network and develop them further.
2018-2020 (extension until 2021)
Project title: Social Inclusion and Well-being through the Arts and Interdisciplinary Practices
Beneficiary: Iceland University of the Arts
Grant: €204.855 for 24 months

This project aims at the modernisation of learning environments in the arts, through an interdisciplinary dialogue between higher educations and associated partners from the field. The objective is to develop curricula for a study programme, which will train artists to work with social inclusion in their artistic projects. The goal is to introduce them to art’s abilities to make connections, facilitate well-being, empowerment and strengthen self-confidence. Emphasises will be on training flexible and sensitive artists, capable of relating to advanced ideas and finding new roles in the constant changing society.
2018-2020 (extension until 2021)
Project title: Beyond Art Disciplines
Beneficiary: Stockholm University of the Arts
Styrkur: €188.022 for 24 months
The main objective of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Beyond Art Disciplines (BAD) is to explore and establish creative collaborative learning approaches within the frame of transdisciplinary and transnational cooperation with the active participation of students, teachers, staff members and other practitioners from the professional field of the arts, forming an international community of practice. In such a learning system, professionals from different disciplines come together based on a belief in the possibilities of unexpected knowledge, meaning or effects resulting from such encounters.

Contact for international projects

Þorgerður Edda Hall, thall [at] 

Other projects

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