Architecture is a social practice, based on dialogues between different expertise involved in the design process.
Dialogues between students and teachers are the foundation of the education of an architect. Through engaging dialogues with our own realities, our cultures, our landscapes, our people, our experts, we develop architectural narratives: projects. Projects are consequently expressed through drawings, models, writings exhibitions, videos.
 Architecture is a multidimensional and complex story of how earthlings live together.
During the three years of education that lead to a BA degree in architecture, students develop different projects shifting from abstract to real, from Reykjavik to the countryside, from local to global. Each project in architecture can help us to better understand our society, create awareness on important issues, protect the public good, produce knowledge, create shared values, and help us imagining our common future. We use the local context of Iceland as the site for our projects and we consider the global state of the world as the umwelt for our profession






Programme: Architecture
Degree: BA
Units: 180 ECTS
Study length: 6 terms – 3 years

Programme Director

In my classes I teach that to be an architect one has to become a cosmopolitan citizen, that is a person who is connected to the world, bound to its people, and acts for the greater good of the Earth. Without this openness and generosity, the agency of architecture fails to accomplish its public mission. Therefore, students must be exposed to different realities, empathize with them, explore them historically, socially, and spatially and consequently express their projects. The aim of architectural education is to help students find their inner compass, by activating their critical skills, their social awareness, and their desire to be a passionate communicator; that is a person that uses design for the greater good of humanity.úr

Massimo Santanicchia, associate professor and programme director for architecture.