NAIP: European Master in Music


The Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice provides future professional musicians with the knowledge and skills to become artistically flexible practitioners able to adjust to a wide range of societal contexts.

The programme serves students with high-level performance skills and interest in reaching new audiences by learning to develop and lead creative projects in diverse artistic, community and cross-sectoral settings. During the programme, students develop their leadership skills and collaborative practice in a variety of artistic and social contexts. Students will also develop their reflective and research skills while exploring and deepening their own artistic practice.

A student-centred approach gives students an opportunity to choose their field of expertise and develop their study plan accordingly. For instance, students can choose a special focus on Experimental Sound Practice through a variety of courses with a special emphasis on music in the expanded field.

The programme is developed in collaboration with several higher music education institutions in Europe. It offers a variety of possibilities for exchange according to the students need and field of practice.

The Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice has received funding from the Erasmus+ Programme for its development.

Programme directors
Berglind María Tómasddóttir
Sigurður Halldórsson

Programme: NAIP: European Music Master
Degree: M.MUS
Units: 120 ECTS
Study length: 4 terms -  2 years


Opening of applications: January 8th 2024

Deadline: April 12th 2024

Application outcome: May 2024


Electronic Application


sigurdurh [at] (Sigurður Halldórsson)
berglindmaria [at] (Berglind María Tómasdóttir)


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"I applied for the NAIP's master's degree because I wanted to tro to focus entirely on music as a carreer. Immediately at the beginning of my studies, I sensed how empowering it was for me and how all the teachers motivated and directed me in a way so I could work independently towards finding my own way of creating music. In my studies, I also had the opportunity to work with musicians abroad, who were doing similar studies. It was great. The program was really instructive and prepared me very well for working in diverse situations in music. The biggest part of my job today is beacuse of projects that I founded under the guidance of great teachers at the Iceland University of the Arts. This is an education that continues to be rewarding. Thanks!

Lilja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir

Frá fagstjóra

The core of the methodology of the NAIP Master's program is collaboration and independence. Each students moulds his field of interest, in close connection to the community. The program prepares musicians for rapid changes in their working environment, where leadership and communication skills and creative thinking are necessary. Emphasis is placed on establishing a positive learning environment based on trust and empathy, where knowledge and experience is shared on a peer-to-peer basis. The program is international and is in collaboration with other arts academies in Europe. It is therefore intended to connect different trends and policies, to promote cooperation between different sectors of music and different professions. The program is an option for musicians from all fields of music to retrain.

Our opportunities to flourish as artists and human beings are based on cooperation and communication. NAIP is a learning center that where students are not afraid to share their ideas and thoughts with others, experiment and get support, feedback and new ideas. Whether students are working within the field of experimental music, performances, operas or baroque music, students can challenge themselves with the support of the group, take risks and make all the mistakes that are necessary to succeed. The program provides students with good self-esteem and independence, skills in music creation and the skills of working and performing with others.