The Fine Art Department is a generative and dynamic environment in which students deepen their competences in the field in the context of fine art practice in Iceland and beyond. Fine Art studies at the department are at the BA and MA levels, along with MA studies in curatorial practice.

Diverse projects in practice, craft and theory encourage students to develop their critical and creative approaches and a personal outlook where insight, critical thinking and an awareness of context and history function as guiding lights.

Over the study period, students are able to choose their areas of focus and methods accross media and trajectories of thought. No media specific study lines excist in the department, -students are encouraged to explore the diverse possibilities available in the field and find their path. 

Teaching and learning takes place within a course structure where individual and group tutorials take place, in lectures, seminars, discussions and critique in larger and smaller groups. Furthermore, instruction takes place in the university‘s numerous workshops where workshop faculty provide specialized education in a variety of techniques and materials as they relate to fine art practice. The department‘s faculty is composed of active fine and theory pracitcioners. Dozens of part time lecturers are employed at the department each semester, offering valuable connections and insight from leading professionals from the field.

Contemporary art is not only bound to the visual, but can excist in any media, such as music, writing, theatre, dance, film and design, to name a few of the fields where artists practice. Therefore art is experimental in its core and is a space for exploring new ideas, for the benifit of many parts of society. 

After graduation

Studies at the department enables students to develop their practice as independently working artists in an international art community, making and exhibiting their work, taking part in the discourse of art and the various functions in the field.
Furthermore the studies enable students to develop skills they can apply at work within various institutions, companies and organizsations in the field where demands are made for critical and analytical thought in dynamic creative environments.