Learning outcomes

By the end of her/ his studies, the student possesses knowledge and is able to apply the methods and procedures of arts education. The student is also able to apply her/ his knowledge and skills in a practical way in her/ his profession and/or further studies.
This entails that students should be able to: 

•    Communicate the theories, frameworks, concepts and methods of arts education, both in oral and written expression.
•    Complete lesson and project plans appropriate to each situation and current educational policy and support their implementation with scholarly arguments.
•    Transpose her professional, artistic kowledge to the context of educational theory and use it in the field.
•    Professionally approach questions and concerns that arise during the preparation and execution of teaching sessions.
•    Refer to the most important research methods and studies in the field of arts education.
•    Refer to and build on the most important methods in the field of artistic creation. 
•    Demonstrate personal skill in the creation, development and utilization of ideas in arts education and transmission.
•    Reflect on, and evaluate, his own performance from a professional perspective.
•    Apply the technology and hands-on knowledge demanded by teaching in this field.
•    Document general results, as well as the execution and results of projects and artistic events.
•    Participate in a collaboration in an active manner. 
•    Transmit her skills, ideas and knowledge in the field of the arts to different groups and in different circumstances.
•    Initiate and direct projects in the field of arts education and communication and take responsibility for both individual and team work.
•    Demonstrate the work habits and study skills required by a research-based arts education course at the graduate or postgraduate level.
•    Communicate the results of scholarly projects or research within the academic community and to the public at large.


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F Fræði
H Hagnýt þekking
T Tækni
V Vinnustofa
B Bundið val
M Millideildaval
S Skylda
V Val


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