In the BA programme in Composition, students can study conventional composition or new media, where emphasis is placed on the use of electronic and computer technology to create music. Students also have the option of combining the two tracks, as well as taking elective courses in film music, theatre music, and recording engineering.

The programme emphasises providing students with broad-based knowledge of music creation and giving them the tools needed to use it. Students have the opportunity to compose for various combinations of conventional instruments, including solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra, and the IAA choir. They learn to use digital media for music creation and to combine conventional and avant garde performance practices. The new media track focuses on introductory studies in sound design, acoustics, and interactive music, as well as integration of art/video and music.

Composition studies take place in private lessons and in group lessons focusing on compositional methodology, as well as master classes where students are introduced to a wide range of professional composers and scholars.

Students have the possibility of working on projects in collaboration with the Icelandic Film School, the IAA Theatre Department, the Ungfónía youth orchestra, the Caput chamber ensemble, and various smaller chamber groups as needed.

Programme: Composition
Degree: BA
Units: 180 ECTS
Study length: 6 terms – 3 years

Tónsmíðanámið í LHÍ er frábært. Við deildina starfar okkar allra besta fólk, frábær tónskáld, listamenn og fræðafólk. Það er dýrmætt að hafa svona vandaðar fyrirmyndir sem leggja sig mikið fram um að hjálpa manni að þróa eigin aðferðir og finna sinn tón.

Hilma Kristín Sveinsdóttir, tónskáld

LHÍ hefur reynst mér mjög vel, ég hef lært heilan helling og þróað mína list. Þetta hefur verið frábært ferli og fólkið sem ég hef kynnst munu vera ævilangir vinir mínir. Bæði kennarar og aðrir nemendur.

Magni Freyr Þórisson, tónskáld

”No education has been as precious for me as the education I got at the Iceland University of the Aets. The teachers are world-class and make every effort to bring their knowledge and wisdom towards students. What I appreciated the most was the attitude of the faculty - taking students as they are and supporting them in finding their own ways to develop, prosper and discover their individual voice."

Bára Gíslasdóttir, composer

"It's a misconception that studying composition is only about notes, harmony or counterpoint. At the Iceland University of the Arts, teachers  come from different directions and help you shape your ideas, whether they are solo works for piano, chamber works, multichannel electronic works, sound sculptures or performance pieces. You have a lot of freedom and a great opportunity to get your music performed. You learn to view music from many angles and apply critical thinking, both in ideological and practical work. Studying composition is an ideal opportunity for all musicians to express and develop their ideas about music and turn them into amazing compositions."

Pétur Eggertsson, studying composition

Frá fagstjóra

The composition programme at the Arts University give students good comprehensive basic education and prepare them  for creative work in the field of arts and culture. Emphasis is put on preparing students for further education, systematically teaching  them methods of composition, writing for musical instruments and electronics alike and training them in academic methods.

Students have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects related to theater and dance in collaboration with the stage department of the Arts University, but there is also a possibility of collaboration with other faculties of the school.

Hróðmar I. Sigurbjörnsson