Fashion design

The Fashion design students at Iceland University of the Arts are introduced to various design processes and numerous designers and specialists, Icelandic and international, contribute to the programme.
Study trips are also an important part of the curriculum, both within Iceland and abroad, with the aim to promote understanding, development, collaboration and to build networks.
The programme has proved to be an excellent foundation for work in the field as well as further studies.
Programme: Fashion
Degree: BA
Length: 3 years.

The Shanghai Deep Blue Phantom Menace

The average length of a movie is 250 meters. That is when it is on a VHS cassette. To weave 0,8 x 7 meters of textile from VHS tape you need around seven movies. Glossy, strong and light as a feather, the film is loaded with the nostalgia of trips to the video store and movie nights of the past.

Ingibjörg Íris Ásgeirsdóttir

Directors note

Knowledge and understanding of quality in clothing is neccessary foundation of a successfull career in fashion design and increased sustainability in the field is a key word for the future. In this context, an emphasis is placed on educationg students as to the origins and impact of textiles and clothing production on our environment and life on this planet.

Magnea Einarsdóttir