The Arts Education Research Laboratory: Art and Sustainability; Community-Based Arts; Philosophy, Ethics and Arts Education.
The objective of the Arts Education Research Laboratory is to develop and strengthen research and development projects in the field of art study and arts education at all educational levels in close collaboration with the field.
The aims are also to encourage initiative in research and create the necessary conditions to communicate knowledge and present findings in the field in conferences and seminars, with the publication of academic articles and texts, as well as through lecture programmes.
The research laboratory’s role is to function as a platform for a dialogue between arts educators, artists, and anyone working on research in the field of arts education, teaching and artistic communication.
The laboratory is intended for all fields of the arts and emphasis will be placed on interdisciplinary approaches and connections with international research institutions.
Future goals include wide-ranging collaboration with bodies working on research, as well as the development of study and teaching practices in the arts and creative approaches to education with emphasis on contemporary issues, and that include different working methods and discourses (arts, education, pedagogy, politics, cultural studies, digital communication, philosophy, museum education and community-based arts).
Collaboration and dialogue between the arts and other discipline offers unlimited opportunities for research and development projects.
It is important to nurture close communication with grassroot organizations, artists´ unions, and the cultural and art world within the country with the aim of fomenting further innovation and supporting the future growth of a broadly-based arts education.
The research laboratory operates under the umbrella of the IAA´s Department of Arts Education, where it is located.

The Board of the Research Laboratory on Arts Education

Kristín Valsdóttir, Dean of the Department of Arts Education,
Chair, Guðný María Jónsdóttir, principal and preschool teacher in Borgarholtssskóli.
Ingimar Ólafsson Waage, Philosophy teacher in Garðaskóli and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Iceland.
Hanna Ólafsdóttir, Asssistant Professor of Visual Arts Education at the Univeristy of Iceland´s Department of Education.
Klara Þórhallsdóttir, Project Manager at the Reykjavik Art Museum.
Þórdís Sævarsdóttir, Head of the Icelandic Association of Music Teachers