International Strategy 2020-2025

The institutional strategy of Iceland University of the Arts (IUA) 2019-2023 places emphasis on providing students with tools to enhance their abilities to take on projects and challenges in an international and multi-cultural environment. 
International collaboration is an important way to knowledge creation, building trust and increased understanding of the international community. Through international collaboration in a multicultural learning community, the IUA strives to train students to make unprejudiced and fact-based decisions. International collaboration between universities is also a key factor in enhancing the quality of teaching, learning and research. 
Learning with an International Dimension 
All students should have the opportunity to participate in international activities, either through mobility abroad or through an international dimension in their studies at home. Through strategic collaboration with universities abroad, the IUA provides students with opportunities for short-term and long-term mobility, digital learning and collaboration across borders, as well as participation in international projects at home. This way the IUA strives for an inclusive approach to internationalisation, providing opportunities for all students to be part of international collaboration activities. 
Learning Environment and Support 
The IUA wishes to offer students a welcoming study environment and provide excellent support to a diverse group of students. Students and staff participate in creating a learning community where diversity is celebrated, student voices are heard, and everyone receives appropriate support. The IUA considers a learner-centred approach and culturally responsive teaching methods to be the key to creating a multicultural learning community that is based on equality and inclusion. The IUA places emphasis on enhancing intercultural competences of students and staff through training, and that students are active participants in orientation of newcomers. Students receive language support, and communication within the institution should take a diverse student group into consideration.  
Strategic Collaboration 
Strategic collaboration between IUA and universities abroad contributes to educational and research development in an international dialogue. Through collaborative projects and staff exchanges the IUA offers opportunities for professional development in an international setting. IUA places emphasis on close collaboration across a broad spectrum of disciplines with specific universities. This entails participation in educational development projects, international research projects, teacher exchanges, diverse student exchange options, dialogue about quality enhancement and sharing experiences on administrative procedures.