Theatre and performance making

In Theatre and Performance Making, students obtain a good foundation for diverse professions within the broad spectrum of theatre and performance with emphasis on contemporary theatre practice.  This programme also provides excellent preparation for further specialisation on a higher education level in subjects such as performance making, directing, dramaturgy or playwriting.  The programme consists of a combination of theoretical studies and analysis on the one hand, and practical training and stage production on the other.
Students can only apply for a semester’s exchange to this programme. Incoming students in autumn semester will join the 3rd year BA class. Incoming students in spring semester will join the 2nd year BA class.




Programme: Theatre & Performance Making
Degree: BA
Credits: 180 ECTS
Study length: 6 terms – 3 years

Programme director

The core of the programme is the artistic development of the theatre and performance maker. The focus is on students as authors developing an artistic vision and approach towards the medium, and the aim is that they become, at the end of the course, independent and creative theatre and performance makers. Students are introduced to different methods, ranging from traditional directing to contemporary theatre practices, with the aim of acquiring knowledge of the medium and its possibilities. 

Una Þorleifsdóttir, Assistant Professor and Programme Director.