Open with limitation due to disease prevention rules and Library services available

The IUA Library in Laugarnes and Þverholt is open for staff and students who have access to the IUA houses.

Other users please contact us via 

  • Email: bokasafn [at]
  • Facebook [Messenger "Send message"]
  • Phone: 545 2217

and we will assist you in any way possible.

Patrons can

  • Search for library material on  (see instructions)
  • Send a loan request to bokasafn [at] 
    • Information required in the email:
      • Title
      • Author (if applicable)
      • Publication year / year and issue
      • Your ID number

We'll contact you to make an appointment for you to pick up your materials.


IUA Library Locations:
Þverholti 11, 105 Reykjavík
Tel: 545 2217
Email: bokasafn [at]

Architecture and Design, Music and Performing Arts

Laugarnesvegi 91, 105 Reykjavík
Tel: 520 2402
Email: bokasafn [at]

Fine Arts, Art Education and Performing Arts


Writing center

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How to find IUA Library material (video)


Access the IUA internet off-campus

Instructions for setting up a proxy

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Request form for ILL is on Assistance: interlibraryloan [at]


Library staff

Rósa Bjarnadóttir, rosa [at]
Æsa Strand Viðarsdóttir, aesa [at]
Elísabet Valdimarsdóttir, elisabet [at]
María Loftsdóttir, maria [at] 
Riina Pauliina Finnsdóttir, riina [at]