The BA in filmmaking is primarily a program in narrative filmmaking. It is intended for students who have already completed a secondary education, express a particular interest and talent in visual storytelling, wish to become professional filmmakers, or aim for further study and/or research in the field. More specifically, it provides wide-ranging education in six key creative and technical filmmaking disciplines – directing, screenwriting, producing, cinematography, editing, and sound.
In addition to providing students with the skills and tools to tell stories in film, the program aims to foster creative collaboration across disciplines, encourage students to think critically about the development of their work and the art form, and nurture the giving and receiving of constructive criticism at all levels. The flow of the program is from general to more specified knowledge, from learning how to articulate simple actions to more complex dramatic structures.
The program is primarily practical, with students often working in teams to train specific aspects of cinematic storytelling, all of which are aimed at increasing understanding of the medium and developing the tools and skills necessary to express their own creative vision in film. Also, a variety of technical and theoretical courses will support and intertwine with the practical exercises and artistic work. Among these are courses in film history and theory, in which students will become acquainted with the main currents and trends of the art form. Students can also attend elective courses and work in collaboration with students in other departments in the university.
During their period of studies, students will also be given the opportunity to study abroad at a foreign film program, do a domestic internship, or work on an independent study project with a mentor. Teaching within the program will be done by leading professionals in the field of filmmaking, and students will have an opportunity to shape their studies and learning environment, which has been developed in close collaboration with the Icelandic industry and foreign film schools.
At the end of the three-year program, students will graduate with a BA in filmmaking, with a concentration in one of the six disciplines mentioned above. Upon graduation, they will have attained the skills and experience necessary to enter the film industry in their discipline or continue their education at the master’s level.



Opening of applications: January 8th 2024

Application deadline: April 12th, 2024

Admission results: May/June 2024

Application fee: 5000 ISK


Electronic application form


gudrunl [at] (Guðrún Lárusdóttir)dagmar [at] (, department coordinator)

gudrunl [at]



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