MA in Curatorial Practice

The Master´s Programme at the Department of Fine Art offers an additional course of study, in curatorial practices as of fall 2020. This new course is run parallel to the course of MA fine art practice, placing the curatorial component of contemporary art in close proximity to the work processes and projects of the students who are developing and training their artistic methods and skills on the MA level.
You will be joining a team of artistic and intellectual community that sees the curatorial aspect of the professional fine art practice as an option of specialisation and a platform that encourages innovative ways to define curation and art making today. The course will be run in collaboration with local culture institutions and public venues as well as in an international context, with collaborative projects and study exchanges to art academies abroad. As a student you will have the possibility of working side by side with art practitioners on developing projects, engaging in critical debates and dialogues that bring out shared views as well as different nuances of these two professions in the complex world of contemporary art.
You will be challenged to engage with questions and topics relating to the role of art in different contexts, and curation as an artistic process that takes on political, ethical and environmental aspects, questions and challenges. Here curatorial practice is not seen as restricted to the field of art but also as a way to establish a dialogue with other fields of knowledge and expertise.
Programme: MA Curatorial Practice
Degree: MA
Credits: 120 ECTS
Study length: 4 terms – 2 years


Opening of applications: January 9th 2023

Deadline: April 12th 2023

Application outcome: May 2023



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