Living in an apartment building is like living in a story, each apartment is a chapter with a beginning, a middle, and sometimes, an ending. Each resident is reclused in the complex as their own protagonist, each one immersed in their separate world with its own integral rules, with their own own secrets and desires. The collective silently agrees on the boundaries between realities, but sometimes the borders are smudged: Something happens that affects everyone; someone crosses a line, puts paper in the compost, sends an inappropriate letter or chats for too long in the hallway.
How do we live together without living together?
The work is the result of a six week course in Devising theatre where 3rd year acting students have created something from nothing. 
Using a variety of methods, questionnaires and conversations the group has developed a joint language and common research questions. Together, they have made a broad gallery of characters, premises and stories come together as a one whole. The only starting point in the process was chasing the students interest, impulses and intuition towards realizing what already wanted to become this show.
The group: Berglind Alda Ástþórsdóttir, Birta Sólveg Söring Þórisdóttir, Gréta Arnarsdóttir, Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter, Hólfríður Hafliðadóttir, Jakob van Oosterhout, Jón Bjarni Ísaksson, Mikael Emil Kaaber, Nikulás Hansen Daðason, Selma Rán Lima.
Teacher/Director: Gréta Kristín Ómarsdóttir.
December 7th, 20:00
December 8th, 20:00
December 9th, 13:00
Listaháskóla Íslands - Laugarnesvegi 91, 105 Reykjavík
Room: Black box - L223 
Entrance from below the building.
* Language Icelandic.
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