In design, reality is explored with a curious and critical mindset encouraging positive transformation in society.
The Department of Design and Architecture places an emphasis on students knowing about the ideological premise of design and design history and that they can, on the basis of their knowledge, take an informed stance on the environment and society. Design, in a way, revolves around seeing the possibilities in what is yet to take place. Students are continuously encouraged to seek new solutions and ways and to cultivate originality, imagination and a critical mindset.
Design always requires consultation and collaboration. A large part of studying at the Department of Design and Architecture entails developing and promoting discourse and collaboration with a diverse group of professionals and non-professionals. All programmes in the Department of Design and Architecture work closely with the professional sector creating a network of professionals and specialists who are participants in a community of design and education. The Department now benefits from the contribution of almost 200 individuals, academic faculty and part-time lecturers, Icelandic and international, who create a critical and theoretical framework for students so that they may pursue their interests and passions. The Department’s main emphasis is to encourage students’ development and to enhance their independence so that they are equipped to engage with diverse employment and collaborations in the field.
Amongst collaborators are:
  • University of Iceland
  • Reykjavík University
  • Matís
  • Innovation Center Iceland
  • Icelandic Red Cross
  • Skógræktarfélag Reykjavíkur
  • The Icelandic Textile Center