The Iceland University of the Arts runs ten workshops across three buildings. The workshops were birthed from departments of the academy but are now run as a separate entity servicing all departments. Students attend courses in the workshops and work there independently on projects that are part of academic and practical courses. The workshops are furthermore seen as a meeting point to discuss and share ideas and opinions between students and teachers across departments and levels of study. The workshops are closely connected to the professional field with guest lecturers and teachers, residency artists and researchers from the professional field and the academy.
Students are required to book appointments in the workshops with workshop supervisors.
Workshop director
Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson - sigurduratli [at]
Laugarnesvegur 91
The photo workshop is equipped with computers for digital image processing, scanners for both film and other media and a large format printer. There are cameras and other photographic equipment that can be lent out. Additionally there is a b/w darkroom for film development and enlargement.
Supervisiors: Hjördís Eyþórsdóttir – hjordiseythors [at] and Claudia Hausfeld - claudia [at]
Wood Workshop
The Wood Workshops facilities are euipped for most kind of wood work. Tools and machinery are suitable for performing operations from rough to detailed work.
Supervisiors: Oddur Wilhelm Guðmundsson - oddurw [at]
Metal Workshop
The metal workshop provides facilities for general metal work, such as forming and jointing, metal cutting, welding and soldering. 
Supervisor: Steinþór Hannes Gissurarson - steinthor [at]
Mould Making and Casting Workshop
Facilities for moulding and casting. The workshop is also equipped with a clay oven.
Supervisor: Ragnhildur Stefánsdóttir - raggastefans [at]
Printmaking Workshop
Students have access to the workshop for developing their ideas in the printmaking medium. The workshop is well equipped for most printmaking techniques.
Umsjónarmenn: Linus Lohman – linus [at], Litten Nyström - litten [at] and Joe Keys – joe [at]
Framing Workshop
Shared facilities by the Printmaking Workshop and the Carpentry Workshop for framing.
Supervisor: Joe Keys – joe [at]
Students have access to the videolab for borrowing cameras and equipment, it is equipped with computers for video editing and an editing suite.
Supervisors: Bjarni Þór Pétursson - bjarnithor [at] og Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir - thorbjorgj [at]
Makerspaces – Þverholt 11
Digital fabrication and model making
The workshops main focus is on digital fabrication and it is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutter and cnc router. The workshop is also equipped with various types of tools and equipment which, in combination with digital fabrication, creates an environment for prototyping, model making and other experiments, such as material experiments.
Supervisior: Hreinn Bernharðsson - hreinn [at]
Interactivity media lab 
The interactive media lab offers support for electronics, coding and new technologies. We have the standard connected toolkit found in most maker-spaces: soldering equipment, rental for various microcontrollers (Arduino, etc), connected sensors + actuators, as well as hardware such as 360 cameras, VR headsets, LEAP motion gesture controllers and more.
Supervisior: Samuel Thornton Rees - samuelrees [at]
Music Recording Studio at Skipholt 31
The Department of Music operates a recording studio at Skipholt which is primarily intended for recording live music. To work in the studio students must have completed certain courses and have the necessary knowledge to operate the equipment.
Supervisor: Sveinn Kjartansson