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General instructions about applications can be found here


Bachelor Programmes

Applications open on January 8th 2024

Application deadline for all BA-programmes is April 12th 2024 except for the Acting programme, Theater and Performance Making and Contemporary Dance Practice programme - More information HERE.

International Master Programmes

January 8th - March 8th 2024
For other international master programmes, application deadline is
April 12th 2024
Teaching language is English

Master Programmes & Diploma Programmes in Education 

Applications open on January 9th 2023.
Application deadline is May 15th 2023. 
Teaching language is Icelandic


hafdis [at] (Architecture & Design)
juliana [at] (Arts Education)
gudrunl [at] (Fine Art )
sunna [at] (Music)
dagmar [at] (Performing Arts)



What is a Certified copy of a programme/course transcript? 
This is a document from the school where the applicant has previously completed a programme of education. The document should be a scan of the original degree certificate or a certified copy of it, stamped and signed by the school´s administrative office. It is a detailed record of previous education including courses of study, credits and grades.  
I do not fulfill the entrance requirements, can I still apply? 
The University may grant admission to applicants who possess knowledge and experience deemed sufficient preparation for entering a degree programme at the University. Applicants to bachelor programmes must have completed 105 credits from the older system for the upper secondary level, or 150 credits from the new system to be accepted with an exception. 
I graduate after the deadline passes so I will not have my degree certificate ready. What do I do? 
Applicants may submit a transcript from the administrative office of the applicant´s school, which demonstrates the current state of the studies and the estimated graduation date. The document should be uploaded into the application form. A degree certificate must be submitted in June, should the applicant be offered a study place at the University. 
How many are accepted into each department? 
Number of students accepted into the school varies between years and is mostly dependent on the total number of students. The Department of Fine Art accepts 25-30 BA students each year, the Department of Design a total of 40-45 into their programmes, Department of Architecture accepts around 15 and the Department of Performing Arts a total of 30-40 students into their programmes, every two years. The number varies in the Department of Arts Education and the Department of Music. 
Can I get credits from previous studies evaluated towards my degree?  
Students who have been accepted can wish to get ECTS completed at other universities or in specialised programmes evaluated towards their degree. An application must be submitted at the start of the studies accompanied with relevant documents. Students that complete a degree from Iceland University of the Arts must have completed at least half of the total number of credits at the IUA.
Is it possible to go on an exchange during my studies at the Iceland University of the Arts? 
Yes, the Iceland University of the Arts is in various international collaborative networks and agreements which include numerous universities abroad. It is variable between departments and programmes when students can go on an exchange. 
Is it possible to go on short term study trips abroad? 
Yes, the numerous universities the IUA is in collaboration with through the international collaborative networks and agreements regularly offer shorter courses that students can apply to participate in. 
Is it possible to do a traineeship as part of the studies? 
It is possible to do an traineeship as part of the studies but rules vary between departments and programmes. Additionally, all students can apply for an Erasmus funded traineeship for up to 12 months after graduation.  
What does the time table look like? 
Teaching at the Iceland University of the Arts happens during daytime working hours with exceptions in some programmes. Attendance is mandatory. 
What are the course dates in the academic year? 
Please find the academic calendar of the Iceland University of the Arts here. 
Can I follow a programme part time? 
The programmes aim at students attending 30 ECTS each semester. In some departments there is a possibility to stretch the study period.  
How much does it cost to study at the Iceland University of the Arts? 
Here you may find all information about tuition fees.