Product Design

The subjects of product designers are always changing, according to challenges in society at each time. Product designers are constantly developing new ways to inform and educate, to inspire reflection and tackle problems, bringing beauty to the environment and work towards a better society. Local circumstances are studied in a global context and design is used for making positive changes.
In this programme, students are introduced to a variety of tools that serve to craft and communicate ideas in creative ways. Furthermore, students are trained to develop design projects in collaboration with organisations, companies and institutions in society, such as Matís (Food and Biotechnology Research and Development), Skógrækt Reykjavíkur (Forestry) and Litla-Hraun (Prison Facility).
Among the projects, undertaken by students of the programme in recent years are food-design, material research, local production projects and speculative design.
The programme offers an open study-environment and each student the freedom to approach projects based on personal interests and strenghts. There is considerable emphasis on the communication of projects, photography, videography and writing and all graduating students build their own website, where their projects are clearly communicated.






Programme: Product Design
Academic degree: BA
Study length: 3 years
The beauty of the programme is that it is very open. Each individual can go through the study programme with his own emphasizes. The outcome is therefore as different as the students are. This is a very personal study pgroamme and the process makes you grow as a person. To study product design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts is one of the most demanding thing I have ever done. At the same time I have become stronger as a person. The study has brought me new oportunities and I have learned to know amazing people that I will know all my life.

Heiðdís Inga Hilmarsdóttir, product designer.

Programme Director

Rúna Thors (1982) is a product designer with a BA degree from Design Academy Eindhoven and a MA degree in Culture and communication from University of Iceland.

Rúna Thors, programme director.