Telling stories is a fundamental part of being human, and filmmaking, whether for the big or small screen, is the prominent medium of our age. 

At its core, filmmaking is about arranging pieces of image and sound to create meaning and direct emotion. Over time, filmmaking developed a language to do just that, and like any language this one has rules and grammar and a set of tools to convey it. As filmmakers, we use this language to play with tension and to keep viewers interested. The most effective way of doing this is by telling stories. At the most basic level, this is what we teach: how to use the language of film to tell stories. We start with the fundamental rules, tools, and building blocks and move from short pieces to longer, more complex structures.

In most cases filmmaking is a collective act, and because of that, collaboration and cooperation between disciplines is critical. When filmmaking works well, all departments work in concert and each crewmember understands their role in service of the whole: the project or story. Developing these collaborative skills is also key to what we do, as well as learning how to communicate about your work and the work of your collaborators. 

Our aim, then, is to provide you with the tools of the trade and an awareness of all that’s come before you, and our hope is that you’ll use that knowledge, together with other people and resources within this vibrant creative community, to contribute to telling the stories that are important to you. 

Practical information

Opening of applications: January 8th 2024

Application deadline: April 12th, 2024

Admission results: May/June 2024

Application fee: 5000 ISK

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