Students of art and design at the Iceland University of the Arts, together with students in creative writing at the University of Iceland present Artist´s books at the Culture House. 

The works are the product of workshops where the students unfolded the concept of the artist's book in practice and explored the interception between visuals and text.

Misprint is the (misleading) title for a range of self published contemporary artists books by current students at Iceland University of the Arts under the guidance of Litten Nyström & Linus Lohmann (, guest teachers and supervisors at the print workshop at IUA. The artist’s book works are the result of a group of fine art students work with individual subjects and concepts, process and in various media like woodcut, etching, silkscreen printing, Risograph- and digital printing technologies or mixed media, through the process of uniting form and content, bound or folded to a portable book format. The resulting artist’s books are multi layered, unwrap, unfold and otherwise make use of the properties of the book format in reproduced works of art, published in a small editions from two to twenty-three copies. At The Culture House book art works by the following Fine Art students will be presented: Clara Sindal Mosconi, Daniel Ágúst Ágústsson, Diana Bonet, Esther Grüne, Florine Marie-Sophie Imo, Jenny Hviding, Jóhanna Margrétardóttir, Katrina Jane Perry, Luke van Gelderen, Purya Alimirzaee and Xin Ali-Rekola.

At the Culture House you can also see examples of printmaking and artist´s books at a temporary exhibition on the 3rd floor, presenting artist´s books from the collection of the National and University Library of Iceland; Examples of printmaking dated back to the latter part of the 19th century to modern day book art.

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