Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir

Sigrún Alba is Dean of the Department of Design and Architecture. Shas taught cultural theory, urban theory and other theory courses at the Department of Design and Architecture since 2005, as well as tutoring students in design analysis and thesis writing. Before becoming Dean she wasprogramme director in theory at the Department of Design and Architecture. Sigrún Alba is a board member in CIRRUS - Nordic-Baltic network of Art and Design education.
Sigrún Alba has a MA in Modern culture and cultural communication from the University of Copenhagen and BA in History and Comparative litterature from University of Iceland.  Sigrún Alba has published a number of academic articles and books — these include Snert á arkitektúr (Touching Architecture) (2017), Afturgöngur og afskipti af sannleikanum (Revenants and intervention into truth) (2009), and Reflection. Contemporary Icelandic Photography, (2008).

In her research, Sigrún Alba has placed emphasis on linking different academic fields, such as philosophy, art theory and cultural studies, and adopting a creative approach to working from traditional academic sources, often in collaboration with artists and designers. She is presently working on a book about poetic storytelling in Nordic photography, in the context of new attitudes to environmental concerns, nature and the antropocene.
Sigrún Alba has also worked as a curator,  and writer in collaboration with various photographers and artists; she has curated exhibitions at the National Gallery of Iceland, the National Museum of Iceland, the LÁ Art Museum in Hveragerði, and the Reykjavík Museum of Photography. In 2018 Sigrún Alba was curator of the National Gallery of Iceland’s exhibition Blossoming. Iceland’s 100 Years as a Sovereign State.

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