Who the course is for: This course is taught in English. The course is suitable as a refresher course for artist with fine art education.
The creative process has for some time been a prominent subject among artists and academics. This course focuses on the interplay of perception, knowledge and theories about meaning, and how these relate to the creative process.
The relationship of the creative process to other concepts, such as perception, responsibility, use value, interpretation and meaning, are looked at specifically, in addition to theories in the field of phenomenology and philosophy of mind. The aim of this course is to make these ideas accessible and useful for participants in the course, and enable participants to make use of them in their own artistic and/or theoretical working processes.
Assessment: Essay and presentation in class.
Supervisor: Jóhannes Dagsson.
Time and place: Laugarnes, Wednesdays 10.30 AM - 12.10 AM.
Time period: 10th January - 21st March 2018.
Units: 4 ETCS.
Should students decide to take a course without ECTS the teacher does not provide feedback for the students work. Difference in the price of the course is therefore based on the teachers workload.
Courses taken without ECTS can be registered, without ECTS, on the students transcript of records.
Price: 49.000 kr. (without ETCS) / 61.200 kr. (with ETCS).
Preliminary requirement: Good command of English. The course is for artists with a B.A. degree or a comparable education. Elective course on a masters level.
Further information: Sindri Leifsson, Project Manager- Fine Art Department: sindrileifsson [at] lhi.is