Follow the Blue Line - A quest for the origin of anxiety

I follow the blue line. I go inside.
Upon arrival my eyes seek out the entry as well as the exit points.
Since my hands are shaking and cannot function properly; I make my apologies.
My breathing is limited and urgent. Sometimes the air leaves me.
My legs are losing the ability to function., Am I turning liquid?
My chest feels heavy, an invisible rock is stuck between my nipples.
My mind is in a maze. It returns to the same rooms over and over again.
This makes me blue but curious. Why is my body so disobedient?

anxious threads

I use textiles as an investigative tool to understand my bodily experiences with which language fails me. Those experiences which solidly orient you within the boundaries of your own body. My work is a research of these experiences, utilizing space, bodies, material, sound, time. Exploring our relation to our bodies, to the space our bodies occupy, and the conversation that happens between. This living pause between body and space, experience and language, tension and release.
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