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Skoða vefinn á Íslensku

Heiða Sigrún Pálsdóttir

Straumsvík Sprouts: 

Cultivating a regenerative environment 

Straumsvík Sprouts transforms a former industrial site in Iceland into a dynamic center for vertical farming, research, and community connections.  

Straumsvík Sprouts promotes local plant-based food production, encouraging innovation in new protein sources while lessening reliance on imported produce and minimizing the environmental impacts of traditional agriculture. 

Furthermore, Straumsvík Sprouts weaves the community back into the landscape. Public spaces, paths, and urban gardens foster social connections and reconnect residents with nature, creating an engaging community.  

Straumsvík Sprouts prioritizes care for the environment and the community, cultivating not just food, but a thriving social ecosystem and a healthier planet.