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Daniela Amado Embody/Mind/Voice


Daniela Amado
MA sköpun, miðlun og frumkvöðlastarf.

Embody/Mind/Voice is an experimental music performance centered around the human voice. Culminating a two-year process of research around the recovery of and through the voice, Embody/Mind/Voice explores the gaps between air and sound, phonation and non-phonation, notes and noise. The first half of the performance consists of a journey through vocal recovery using live and recorded voice, looping and electronics, and choir, including the audience. Using reusable straws and breath, the audience will participate in an organic vocal soundscape. The second half of the performance adopts a more traditional concert approach, and features original songs by Daniela Amado. The instrumentation is upright bass, piano, guitar, violin, and voice.