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Skoða vefinn á Íslensku

Masaya Ozaki, MA tónsmíðar

01.05.24 – kl.15:00
Kaldalón, Harpa

Masaya Ozaki
Fshs n th s

Caput Ensemble
Nordic Affect

Fshs n th s

By juxtaposing two ensembles with disparate musical structures, the characteristic space of Kaldalón, and water-related objects as intra-active agents in the composition, Fshs n th s illuminates the subtle world of interaction. The composition captures the essence of the liminal space between reality and fantasy, offering a sonic exploration of the complementary relationship between these realms.

Masaya Ozaki
Masaya Ozaki is a composer born in Niigata, Japan, currently based in New York and Iceland. His work examines the idea of space as a transient entity, the subtleties behind small moments, the sensitivity of ephemera, and the future of sound in an exceedingly materialistic world. He often finds inspiration in nature, the fragility of human interactions, and the momentums behind them. Ozaki’s compositions frequently incorporate natural elements, exemplified by his “Omote” series featuring melting ice and site-specific works like “Echoes,” inspired by lighthouses. Through deliberate integration of location-specific features and natural materials, he imbues his compositions with characteristics of objects and spaces, viewing them as integral components of musical expression. This nuanced approach reflects his keen awareness of the interplay between space and musical contexts, capturing the essence of the present moment. Ozaki’s artwork materializes through field recordings and compositions for ensembles, film, dance, visual arts, and experimental forms.