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Skoða vefinn á Íslensku

Ea Lindkvist Ranøe Wiimh, BA hljóðfæratónsmíðar

24.05.24 – kl.20:00
Laugarnesvegur 91, L141

Ea Lindkvist Ranøe Wiimh
BA hljóðfæratónsmíðar

Bryndís Magnúsdóttir, soprano
Margrét Björk Daðadóttir, mezzo-soprano
Helga Guðný Hallsdóttir, cellist
Jaakko Fagerberg, nonvebal actor/dancer

The Two Sisters
The story revolves around two sisters. When the older sister becomes engaged, jealousy consumes the younger sister, leading to a fierce altercation where the younger sister attempts to take the life of her older sister. In a desperate act of self-defence, the older sister unintentionally ends her younger sister’s life. Consumed by guilt, the older sister fabricates the appearance of a natural death for her younger sister. The older sister tries to move forward with her life, but the guilt eats her up, and her wedding ends up being hunted by her dead sister taking the embodiment of the wedding musician’s violin.

Ea Lindkvist Ranøe Wiimh
Ea Wiimh is a 24-year-old Danish composer and lyricist. She grew up in the Danish folk music environment, drawing much inspiration for her compositions. She started out mainly as a songwriter in her teenage years, but an internship in the Danish Royal Theater’s orchestra changed her focus to composition, with drama, storytelling, and lyrics as the key components. During her degree, she has released two full-length albums, ‘Bevægende Stilstand’ and ‘Vårdåb,’ with the Danish label ExoPAC. Additionally, she has participated in exchanges to the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Grants: Ea received a full scholarship from the Linjekonvaldfonden.