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Skoða vefinn á Íslensku

At the edge of the forest, where the veil between realms grows thin serpentines the water of Elliðaá river, the exhibition Kindred emerges at the Elliðaárstöð from the 12th of May until 26th of May, 2024

This exhibition explores the tangled history and the relationship between humans and non-human folk. With reverence and respect, artists and curator alike sought permission from every being that roamed the land, inviting them to share their stories. Through interdisciplinary work, artists cultivated the stories of the locality, and its history of geological, biological, and folkloric nature. For the station stands as a resonant relic, a silent testament to previous intervention into the landscape, when humans sought to harness the river’s power for their benefit and altered its course. Though, before humans, it was the lava that changed the locality.

Curated by Daria Testo, Kindred features the artworks by Corinna J. Duschl, Emil Gunnarson, Valla Sigurdadottir, Masaya Ozaki, a collaboration between Ariuna Bulutova, Igor Kanz and Dagmar Gertot. Presented artists nurture established connections with those who are usually not heard, those who are hidden: plants, roots, birds, and spirits in whichever shape or form they wish to manifest themselves. The story is shared with those who are Kindred and those who dare to listen. Through metal wood, wool and rocks this tale is told.

The exhibition opening will take place at the Elliðaárstöð Rafstöð and the park area on the 12th of May from 13:00 until 15:00.


Daria Testo is a Buryat-Mongolian indigenous curator and rights of nature activist. This exhibition is her graduation work, which is based on the thesis “Conversation with Kindred: A Holistic Curatorial Approach through Indigenouse Knowledge”. This research explores the curatorial work with the locality, considering the animistic characteristic of the environment and the personhood of nature, according to traditional ecological knowledge.


Corinna J. Duschl (Germany) through her work, she creates situations that make us relate to the troubled ecologies of our time. Within those complicated zones, thinking in dichotomies, such as the nature/culture split, becomes impossible, forcing us to acknowledge dense and entangled environments.

Emil Gunnarsson (Iceland)is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses themes of self-reflection, corporeal awareness and natural/social environments. He examines and challenges our conception of and relation to our natural surroundings through interactive sculptural installations and performances.

Masaya Ozaki (Japan) is a New York/Iceland-based composer. His work examines the idea of space as a transient entity, the subtleties behind small moments, the sensitivity of the ephemera, and the future of sound in an exceedingly materialistic world. He often finds inspiration in nature, the fragility of human interactions, and the momentums behind them

Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir (Iceland) in recent years she has produced installations and sculptures that deal with the materiality of textiles and video, and the relationship these two mediums have with human environments and systems.

Collaboration between Ariuna Bulutova, Igor Kanz and Dagmar Gertot (Buriad-Mongolia): A collaborative effort between Buryat-Mongolian and Russian artists specifically formed for this exhibition. Together, this trio aims to utilise the ever-evolving technologies to preserve the human-nature relationship and present the personhood of nature, which is intrinsic to Indigenous culture.

Details of the exhibition are as follows:

  • Exhibition “Kindred”: 12.05.2024-26.05.2024
  • Vernissage: 12.05.2024 at 13:00-15:00, performance by Masaya Ozaki at 13:30
  • Venue: Elliðaárstöð, General Park and Old Power station
  • Additional events: (to be announced)