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Fruitful Futures

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Welcome to the design exhibition Fruitful Futures at Krónan Grandi!

While DesignMarch takes over the city, the conventional space of a grocery store is transformed to an exhibition space. Between fruits, flour and cheese you’ll find diversity of projects like vitamins for plants, growing garments and a soup of mealworms. However, all projects touch on innovation and design, sustainability and reuse, new perspectives and speculations.

The exhibition Fruitful Futures consists of two recent collaborations of Krónan. The former is Moldamín, a new product designed and made by Krónan, Melta and Brandenburg. Moldamín is a nourishing fertilizer for plants, made from tired fruits and other organic materials from Krónan. The latter collaboration is between Krónan and the Iceland University of the Arts, whereas Krónan was the main subject of two courses in the design department of LHÍ, second year product design students and first year master’s students in Design and New Environment. A focus in the students’ projects are the food system, systemic changes and speculations on the future.

Opening party on Thursday 25th of April. The exhibition will be open at opening hours at Krónan, from 9-21 while DesignMarch is ongoing.

You can find the Facebook event here

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