The Xenos

Work by - Kristín Mjöll Bjarnad. Johnsen, MFA Performing Arts Graduate
August 26th, 20:00 at Gym and Tonik, Kex hostel
August 28th, 20:00 at Laugarnesvegur 91, 105 Reykjavík - Black Box
Duration: 1,5 hour 
-Open for booking HERE
The work is a documentary about the workshop Hlutverkaleikhús where the participants, co-created their character through an in-game tarot card reading, cultivated their character in the workshop and then acted on a green screen stage various storylines and scenes as their character. With participants from various backgrounds and age, all came together to make this film. What happens behind the mask is fascinating. In the workshop we explored culture, social construct, hierarchy and ethics, as well as trying to give the created body a voice, all the while having great fun! 
Björk Guðmundsdóttir for agreeing to do the workshop with me, Brett for the technical work, Patrik Ontkovic for filming, Petur Hannesson for endless support and saving the school from water damage during the great leak. Haukur Valdimar for the editing and always being willing to help. Kolbrún Dögg for the inspiring conversations. Angela Rawling for the encouragement. A big thanks to Sunneva Ása for the support, enthusiasm and care. Thank you, Eva Rún for the mentorship, and thank you, my amazing participants, for the enthusiasm and for being all in. 
Kristín is a lover of DIY aesthetics, teamwork and character immersion. At first wearing a mask was a coping mechanism to deal with stage fright but then mask became a research question. The idea for the workshop sparked from the performance band Holdgervlar which Kristín is a member of, as well as making the costumes and visuals for the band. By wanting to expand the world the cyborg ensemble lives in, Xenos became a reality. With good help from the actress Björk Guðmundsdóttir the Hlutverkaleikhús/larp theatre workshop materialized.