VELFERÐ / WELL BEING is an open lecture series from the Department of Arts Education 2022-2023.
The series take place in IUA Laugarnes, Laugarnesvegur 91, Reykjavík.
Second lecture in the series is Tuesday October 25th from 15-16, in Lecture Room L193
Lecturer: Mariana Ungureanu, Professor at Conservatoires de Paris, France

« IRREVERSIBLE: Death by the Drip ». A glacier story from Vatnajökull.                 

"Based on the field recordings on the Vatnajökull Ice Cap (2022), the sound-video installation « IRREVERSIBLE: Death by the Drip » will be the central point of this lecture. The issues, tools, and analytical methods of this artistic research, developed in tight collaboration with scientists and cross-disciplinary artists, will be presented. This installation premiered at the Critical Edge Alliance conference in Paris (June 2022).
« IRREVERSIBLE » is part of a larger project, « The Ice Life », which shows the receding processes in the glaciers from Vatnajokull Ice Cap.
The purpose of this artistic interdisciplinary research is to raise awareness of the climate tragedy in the glaciers' biosystem. « The Ice Life » project is a challenging cross-disciplinary adventure at the interface of art, artistic research, sciences and ecology issues. It is developed jointly with the Hornafjördur Research Center.
Mariana Ungureanu
Born in the Republic of Moldova, Mariana Ungureanu was awarded a Master's degree in Composition at the Bucarest University of Music, a Master's degree in Musicology at the University Paris IV-Sorbonne, and a Master’s degree at LUCA School of Arts in Leuven, Belgium. Nowadays she holds a PhD position at the University Paris 8, where she develops artistic research in Music Composition and Aesthetics of Opera and Musical theatre.
Mariana was awarded grants from the Romanian Ministry of Culture, the French Ministry of Education the Flemish Ministry of Education. She is Laureate of the European programme « Pépinières Européennes pour jeunes artistes » and was awarded the « Georges Enescu » Composition Prize.
Her music catalogue contains musical theatre pieces, chamber works with electronics and video, music for the stage («Maestro and Margaret »  ballet suite), as well as two Concertos, a Sinfonietta pièce, a Large orchestra pièce and the music for the choreographic show « Auctor ». In 2014 she completed in Budapest the collaborative chamber opera « Out at S.E.A. ». Her new opera « Dorian Gray. A Quest for Eternal Youth », a commission from the French Ministry of Culture, was premiered in Paris in 2017.
Mariana Ungureanu is a tenured professor of Composition, Music theory, Music history and Analysis at Conservatoires de Paris.


Please note: The lecture will not be recorded.