Book launch and interactive exhibition.

Scoring movement removes the fixed parameter of a body moving in space and invites a more imaginative approach to the matter. Systemising movement language therefore creates room for communication and shared creativity, allowing for the body and the brain to experience movement in various ways, potentially ways which were not thought or executed before.
Scoring movement is an attempt to reduce the status of the One, the choreographer, and to share agency with the audience. A multiplicity. Less-representation and more open questions. Choreographies on paper, a dancing imagination. A “way in” for the mind and the body to engage with the language of movement and dance. Imagining your body as a dancing body, executing impossible movements, reaching a bodily potential usually reserved for trained dancers or acrobats only. A constant flow between stability and instability. An appeal to the limitlessness of the imagination.
There is no “wrong”.

The work centers around a selection of choreographies captured on paper as graphic scores of movement and put together in the form of a book.

The evening will comprise the launch of the book and an interactive exhibition space, inviting the audience to take on both the role of the spectator and the performer.

Frítt inn en panta þarf miða. 
Opnað verður fyrir miðapantanir 8.ágúst 2017
Miðapantanir sendist á midisvidslist [at]

Free admission but it is required to book one.
Tickets will be available August 8th 2017
Please send to midisvidslist [at]