Where Perfect Meets Dirt

Kamilé Pikelyté
Opens in Hulduland, Laugarnes November 25th - 17:00 - 19:00
Opening times:
November 26th - 16:00 - 18:00
November 27th - 16:00 - 18:00 -  Live stream at 4 pm (GMT) - Link HERE
5 stars hotel horror not paradise… Upon arriving you go to the lobby to get greeted by people who don’t even smile or greet you and seem bothered by your existence. We got a room with a little hole for animals like snails (its ok), medium sized lizards to enter. We discovered even animal feces. But a mini fridge was a nice touch with couple of beer options.
It is nothing like in the photo.. No lovely white sand beach experience, just seaweed and trash. As hard as workers were trying to clean, it was a mess all week. No security presence at the beach area at all. In the past there were security guards all around. The sunbeds on the beach- they are not enough for everyone! We had two swimming pool options and the tile work around the pool is all cracked, patched, and in terrible shape. In addition, this expensive resort has a lot of added chlorine which makes it a very smelly swimming experience.
Rotten infrastructure, dirty beach. So what did we pay for?*
*The sentences were all taken from tripadvisor resort reviews
 Dear Guest,
The surrounding reality often brings us into some apocalyptic fictional scenarios, where people exist in abundance and have the luxury to avoid the uncomfortable truths of life. I agree with you, It looks nothing like in the photo which prepared you for the best paradise experience of living within timeless consumer-orientated resort aesthetics and never-ending food sources. Everything is built to maintain the forever happiness and comfort notion. We fetishize this landscape and worship it as a commodity. However, unwanted messages from the world of hidden truths and disasters reach you and the paradise collapses.
A luxurious all-inclusive resort hotel is a great metaphor for our privileged society that eliminates different ecosystems with its dominance. You enter this mythical consumer’s imagination created paradise in search of an escape from your own mortal self and choose a hedonistic, godlike motif to live. You confront a moment Where Perfect Meets Dirt and merge into one entity. It is the tapestry of sadness and beauty that makes it a human experience.
Yours Sincerely,
Kamile Pikelyte
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