Significant Encounters by Tim Darbyshire

Sundhöll Reykjavíkur
August 21st
August 23rd

Artist talk/Q&A:
Thursday 23rd, 18:00 at Tunglið, Austurstræti 2

Significant Encounters is a work in three parts - a live performance, a sound installation and a video installation. 

The work looks at how meaning can be constructed based on the coming-together of things. It considers how these things can be situated, put into dialogue with one another and disrupted through mutual encounter. These encounters create situations where obstacles are posed - either ethical, physical or material.

All parts of the work can be experienced in Sundhöllin swimming pool. 

The live performance is a seated event which can be experienced from the side of the indoor pool. 

The sound and video installation can be experienced all week at different locations at the pool during opening hours.

Tim Darbyshire
Sigurður Benjamín Guðmundsson
Arnar Geir Gústafsson
Sæmi Rokk 
Saga Sigurðardóttir
Zofia Tomczyk
Silja Hauksdóttir 
Álfrún Helga Örnólfsdóttir 

María Arnardóttir
Tim Darbyshire

Sound Design
Tim Darbyshire 
Zofia Tomczyk
Including sounds by Thembi Soddell

Guðmundur Felixson

Artist talk/Q&A: Thursday 23rd, 18:00 at Tunglið, Austurstræti 2

The work Significant Encounters by Tim Darbyshire is presented within the frame of the Iceland University of the Arts Performing Arts MFA Graduation Festival. 

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