Performing Ocean 
Khetsin Chuchan
IUA Music Department: NAIP - Professional integration project
An Exploration of the internal Ocean with Scores and Performances
19.00 hr / 02.04.2022
Dynjandi / Iceland University of the Arts / Skipholt 31
Free Admission
"The world is large, but in us it is as deep as the sea." wrote Rainer Maria Rilke in an opening to Bachelard’s Intimate Immensity. It signifies the depth and richness of our inner worlds.  Emotions, Wishes, Belief, and Memories constitute a big part of our personality. Just like certains part of the Ocean, these aspects of humans are not always visible and apprehended. In order to understand the Ocean more, we need to descend down the surface; to where the light and darkness entwine.
For Performing Ocean, I explore methods of engaging with conscious and preconscious level of my awareness. The materials obtained are used as basis for my compositions. These compositions are mostly text-based, and are somewhere between musical text scores and sound poetry. In many of them, the manner in which they are performed is open to the performers as I believe that choices made by them can reflect the personalities of the performers, and shed some light into their Oceans as well.