Work by Mart Piirimees
MFA Performing Arts Graduate

Where: L223, LHÍ Laugarnesvegur 91, 105 Reykjavík.
August 21st at 20:00
August 23rd at 20:30 + Q&A moderated by Pétur Ármannsson.

Open for booking HERE

Our memry is far from flawless and we trust it too much. That's it.
We perceive and then generate new conclusions from what we have and might perceive next. Since our whole identity is founded on our ability to remember and imagine, let's shake that understanding of memry to shake our identity.
It would probably need more than a lecture-performance on memry, but let's see what happens, right?

!Potential strobe lights and visuals!
ATH: Sýningin fer fram á ensku. // The piece is performed in english.

Mart Piirimees
Vigdís Birna Grétarsdóttir
Leevi Rauhalahti
Juulius Vaiksoo

Piotr Obrebski, Raul Piirimees, Sander Pruel, Linda Lukas, Brigita Joosing, Hendrik Nõmmeots, angela rawlings, Kaisa Kukkonen, Brogan Davison, Pétur Ármannsson, Elena Richert, Kerly Ritval, Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Hildur Elísa Jónsdóttir, Grétar Þór Sigurðsson, Gunnella Hólmarsdóttir, Sóley Frostadottir, Helga Arnalds, AnnaMargrét Ólafsdóttir, Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir


I'm a director from Estonia. My own memry is surprisingly bad for a person my age, and my grandmother has alzheimers. The thought or fear of losing it all usually gives us power, but the thought of forgetting it all is seriously scary. In addition to directing I'm a contemporary visual- and sound-artist. Hmu.