Architectures for Care

MArch Arkitektúr - Útskriftarsýning

4. - 11. júní  |  Hegningarhúsið, Skólavörðustíg

The fifth year of architectural education at the Iceland University of the Arts is devoted to further explore and expand both the meaning and scope of architecture and architects’ societal responsibility.  

It does so by creating a learning environment that incites students and their educators to respond to global challenges whilst creating conditions to locally engage as active citizens in their communities.


The goal of the architectural department is to support students developing knowledge, skills, traits, attitudes, and behaviours necessary for becoming cosmopolitan citizens, by advancing new political agencies to co-design healthier, safer, and a fairer world, in a changing social, ecological, and political environment.  

These exhibited students‘ projects speak of architectures, emphasizing the plural, collective and collaborative nature of the practice of architecture. Architectures can be used in multiple ways: as critical processes of inquiry, as vehicles to raise social awareness, as tools for collective imagination, and as a collaborative project aimed at caring for and repairing the spaces of common good. These projects use architectures as an instrument for care.


Massimo Santanicchia, PhD

Professor in Architecture and Program Director of the Master in Architecture


Curator of the exhibition

Baldur Snorrason



Andri Gunnar Lyngberg Andrésson

Garðar Snæbjörnsson

Hildur Ýr Ottósdóttir

Kristján Örn Kjartansson

Massimo Santanicchia