We are pleased to present “The Relative Size of Things in a Landscape”, a design exhibition featuring the works of five Master graduates, which will be on display at the former fertiliser plant in Gufunes from May 12th to May 20th. Presented by the Iceland University of the Arts’ MA Design Explorations and Translations, this graduation exhibition offers cross-sections through five research-driven projects. 

Opening: May 12th at 18:00 
May 13th - May 20th
Opening hours at the museum/exhibition: 16-20:00 daily


From phantom islands, via artificial landscapes, monetization of nature, substituting resources, to red tents, each work represents a distinct and thought-provoking perspective on the field, to reflect the realities of contemporary practice. 


“The Relative Size of Things in a Landscape” alludes to the Eames' famous short film, "Powers of Ten". A film which explores the relative scale of the universe in factors of ten, both in terms of distance and size. The title suggests that visitors can expect to see works that challenge their relationship to the environment around them. This includes pieces that explore the interplay between the micro and macro levels of reality, or that comment on the relationship between humanity and the natural world. 


Graduating students are:

Martyna Pietrowiak

Quentin Michel A. Benelfoul

Sóley Sara Eiríksdóttir


Viltė Adomavičiūtė.   


Graduation project teachers are Anna Diljá Sigurdardóttir, Corto Arcadio Jabali, Elín Margot Ármannsdóttir, Gudrun Havsteen Mikkelsen, Johanna Seelemann, Martina Muzi, René Boonekamp, Samuel Thronton Rees, Thomas Edouard Pausz, Vikram Pradhan. MA Design, Explorations and Translations program directors are Thomas Edouard Pausz and Johanna Seelemann.