R. Michael Hendrix
What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation
September 6th at 12:45 in Dynjandi

Our next guest is R. Michael Hendrix, a designer, musician and author obsessed with creativity. In his lecture “What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation” he will discuss the creative mindset.
Creative mindsets are entrepreneurial mindsets. As artists we have to quickly learn to listen, collaborate, adapt, and share. These are the same innovation mindsets coveted in the business world so it’s ironic that musicians have been overlooked for so long in this sphere. In his lecture, R. Michael Hendrix will share category-defying stories from Pharrell, Public Enemy’s Hank Shocklee, Björk and many other artists to illustrate how a creator's mindset is not limited to the arts, but naturally explores all parts of society. He’ll break down the mental models so that listeners can begin transferring their own creative virtuosity to all aspects of their lives.


R. Michael Hendrix is a designer, musician and author obsessed with creativity. As a Partner and Global Design Director at innovation firm IDEO he worked with teams on everything from home goods to homeland security. As Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music he taught students how to transfer their virtuosity to all parts of their lives. He is also a part-time lecturer at Háskólinn á Bifröst and coauthor of Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation, written with Panos A. Panay, President of the Recording Academy, presenter of the GRAMMYs.