IUA Music Department visit - VENI Academy
Guests from VENI Academy in Slovakia visit the IUA Music Department on May 17th. They will present the academy and its mission in a lecture in Fræðistofa 1 between 10 and 12 o'clock.
The lecture is open to everyone interested.
About VENI Academy
VENI ACADEMY is a project aimed at forming an ensemble which systematically educates young people, students of conservatoires and music academies in the interpretation of 20th-century and contemporary music. The idea is the brainchild of several members of VENI ensemble (namely Marián Lejava, Daniel Matej, and Ivan Šiller), whose principal activities lie in contemporary music and who feel its absence on all levels of majority of the educational systems worldwide. Through workshops, seminars, and summer master courses, the aim of the pursuits of VENI ACADEMY is public presentation of the results of their accumulated knowledge and experience.
Further information can be found on the VENI Academy website - http://veniacademy.sk/?lang=en