International Society for Education through Art (InSEA)

Connecting you to the global community of art educators- Supporting art for all

Wednesday 20th October at 15.00-16.00 in LHÍ Laugarnesvegur 91.
Lecture Room L193
Open presentation
Dr. Patsey Bodkin,  InSEA Secretary
Through my presentation, I hope to give participants an overview of the work and structure of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA).
A brief history of the Society, its goals and mission will be outlined.  
Who our members are, where they come from and what our members contribute to the society will be discussed.
Details about membership of InSEA - types, cost and benefits for members will be shared.
InSEA promotes international understanding through its local, national and international events, examples of which will be discussed. 
Publishing for and by members is a very important aspect of the work of the society.
An overview of InSEA Publications which was established in 2016, its various publications and how members can contribute will be shared.  
Advocacy and networking are important areas of activity for the society.  
Examples of how the society has and continues to represent and advocate for, art teachers and educators at national and international levels will be presented.
InSEA has established active networks with national and international organisations providing members with opportunities to exchange ideas and views as well as support educators to enrich the quality of creative thinking.
Networking and professional development opportunities for members will be discussed.
Finally, I will share the latest news and developments from InSEA -one of which will be exclusive to friends of InSEA in Iceland!  I look forward to sharing my experience of InSEA and answering any queries. 


Dr. Patsey Bodkin is a lecturer in Art Education in the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland and current Secretary (2019-22) of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA). She is the coordinator of the Joint Honours BA in Education and Design or Fine Art programme in the NCAD. Prior to joining the School of Education, Patsey taught Art at second level for 20 years.
She holds an Ed.D. from Dublin City University, an M.Ed. from University College Dublin and carried out her undergraduate studies at the NCAD. Her specialisations and primary research interests are in the areas of Initial Teacher Education and the Continuing Professional Development of teachers.