I stopped knowing and started looking instead

Artist: Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia, 2nd year MA Fine Art student
Location: RÝMD, Völvufell 13-21 111 Reykjavík.
Opening February 3rd 16:00-18:00
Also open February 8th-10th 15:00-18:00
"In the laboratory, that my studio is, I attempt to listen to the voices that I have ignored for as long as I have lived.
Asking Nature to be my teacher; cooperating with other living beings.
As I learn to embrace it, it challenges my sense of time, self, and overall understanding of what surrounds me."
In this solo exhibition, Julie Sjöfn follows her curiosity about the living world through an art practice that blends different media and disciplines. Her works play with a loss of agency from the artist and are replaced by cooperation between other beings and herself. This exhibition acts as a slow experimental station that aims to open conversations and connections with the living beings that we share the world with.
Warnings: be gentle, curious and critical.
Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia (b.1990 France) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Iceland since 2013. At the core of her practice, she explores narratives around the connection between humans and more-than-humans. Experimenting with ways to relate, and communicate with different living beings, within the human species and beyond. Her background originally lies in design and fine art painting which she studied in France and Iceland. She is currently finishing her MFA at the Icelandic University of the Arts.