Temporality Repetition & Search Bars
Martina Muzi is a designer, curator, and educator based in Rotterdam, will give a lecture on March 23rd in the design department at Iceland University of the Arts, Þverholt 11, Lecture hall A.
Her work engages critically with design through its complex material logistics, its geopolitical cultures, and its effects on social formations from the family to the market, from the atelier to the school.
She is the curator of the GEO—DESIGN exhibition platform and the Studio Leader of Technogeographies bachelor course at Design Academy Eindhoven.
Curator and design educator, Martina Muzi looks at design from the perspective of infrastructure and trade arguing that it is not possible to design or develop a culture design whilst ignoring the larger forces of capitalism today. Martina will present a journey through design projects, curatorial frameworks and research-based films which she designed, participated or initiated in the last five years of her practice. Meanwhile questioning the meaning and function of design by ‘unveiling the economies and the resources behind the things we consume and materials we use, as well as the implications and materiality of our digital lives and projects’.
Picture: Martina Muzi, still from 5D Diamond Model research film.