Í föstudagsfyrirlestri tónlistardeildar 7. október mun tónskáldið og hljóðlistamaðurinn Erik DeLuca tala um hljóðverkin sín í samhengi ýmissa tvenndarhugtaka eins og vélar/menn, náttúra/menning og nærvera/fjarvera.

Fyrirlesturinn hefst kl. 12:45 - 13:45  og fer fram í Sölvhóli. Allir velkomnir.

Um fyrirlesturinn:
In this lecture the sound artist Erik DeLuca will focus on his sound work as being defined by its interaction between binaries like humans and machines, nature and culture, as well as presence and absence. He will introduce his ethnography of listening, "Wolf Listeners: Acoustemological Politics and Poetics of Isle Royale National Park", and share a series of large-scale sound installations that deal with telephony, sound reproduction, amplification, and feedback of historical readymade objects of commercial sound technology.

Erik Deluca is a composer, sound artist, and sound studies scholar. His work explores the interplay between sound materials and their signaling metaphors as a way to understand relationships between sound, space, and the social. He has lectured, performed, and exhibited at an eclectic mixture of international venues, including the U.S. National Park Service, Society for Ethnomusicology, Bang on a Can, Art Basel, Issue Project Room, June in Buffalo, and the International Computer Music Conference. His music has been performed by a variety of ensembles and soloist, including Ensemble Signal, members of Eighth Blackbird, Splinter Reeds, and Dither. In addition to music and analytical writing published by the SEAMUS label, Perspectives of New Music, and Leonardo Music Journal, in 2009, Erik released the album [in] on Everglade Records—with forewords by Alvin Lucier and David Dunn. In 2015 he was the lecturer of music for the Semester at Sea circumnavigation, in 2016 he earned a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Virginia, and in 2016/17 he will be working in Iceland on an American Scandinavian Foundation fellowship.


Föstudagsfyrirlestur: Erik DeLuca from LHÍ Tónlistardeild on Vimeo.