This lecture, Embracing Complexity, explores the transformative intersection of art, psychology, and speculative design within the context of diverse communities, human and non-human, in India, Kenya and Iceland. Delving deep into the psyche of individuals and communities, this session uncovers the profound impact of creative expression, speculative thinking, and psychological insights in shaping meaningful social change. 
The integration of speculative design and fine art offers a captivating synergy where imaginative storytelling, conceptual depth, and artistic innovation converge. Through this combination, artists can create visually stunning, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally resonant artworks that invite viewers to embark on a thought-provoking journey into the realm of speculative possibilities. 
This talk will delve into personal experiences and projects that led to Vikram's practice in Iceland,Kenya and India.


Artist Bio - Born in India and based in Iceland, Vikram works with various mediums in the field of art and design to create pataphysical works, revolving around photography, psychology and philosophy. His previous works have dealt with topics like the visual experience of Schizophrenia and the practice of Lucid Dreaming through a fictional radio show. His practice currently revolves around researching on speculative design and pataphysics, and is highly based on experimentations done with the medium of video,  poetry and photography. He has exhibited works across museums and festivals in Iceland, London and India.  
 BA in Information Arts and Information Design Practices from Srishti Institute of Art and Technology, Bangalore, India. 
MA in Design from Listahaskoli Islands, Reykjavik, Iceland
Exhibitions :
Victoria And Albert Museum - London,UK 
Kochi Biennale - Kochi, India 
Asmundarsalur - Reykjavik, Iceland  
Reykjanesbaer Museum - Reykjanes, Iceland  
MUUR Gallery - Hofn, Iceland  
Grotta Island Lighthouse - Reykjavik, Iceland  
List I Ljosi - Seydisfjordur, Iceland  
Vetrahatid - Reykjavik, Iceland 
LungA Art Festival- Seydisfjordur, Iceland 
Design March - Reykjavik, Iceland  
This event is a part of the fall 2023 lecture series held by the Department of Fine Art and takes place in the Laugarnes Lecture Hall (L193) at Laugarnesvegi 91, 105 Reykjavík
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