Sonur sandana
Katrín Guðmunds Sigrúnardóttir

Sýning Katrínar ,,Sonur Sandana" opnar í Kubbnum þann 21.október kl.17:00.

How loving the masses can be when they are happily excited! They carry their favourite sons high on their shoulders. How cruel they are when they are unhappy. " Though I do not believe that history is made though great individual men I think it can be a good story telling tool. To take an individual I have an interest in and work with his image and legacy with both fiction and facts and in-between. A figure I believe many are not aware of. In this case the subject is Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī. A man of very humble beginnings as only son of an illiterate Bedouin family in Libya. ليبيا A country torn by colonialism, war and genocide. Rising to power without bloodshed and committing to radical socialist changes. Such as health and education, access to water and healthcare. In the West he was known for funding radical groups that engaged in guerilla warfare and terrorism. By his people he was known for the censorship of the media, public executions and assassination of enemies as well as clinging to power and influence far beyond the mandate people gave him. . Interpreting his actions is nearly impossible, even more so because of the misinformation guiding people to see him either as a devil or an angel. I think that it is a western privilege to allow oneself to over simplify him because of what he represents to so many people. The good and the bad. When everyone's experience must be accounted for, some clear conclusion is harder to reach. That is the advantage of art and its poetics, symbolism and expression. It does not need to reach a conclusion but be a guide.

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